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Posted by 22 April 2013 in Netball

Physics Netball is a group of girls at the University of Manchester who play in Division 2 of the campus league. Our matches are on a Wednesday evening at Sudgen Sports Centre against other societies, or halls or random netball teams! We practice roughly once a week – generally on a Sunday afternoon at the Armitage Sports Centre (occasionally on a Sunday morning but we try to limit the early starts!)

Our tag line from the last 6 years has been: anyone is welcome, regardless of ability! We will teach you if you’ve never played before! You can register to play in matches or just come along to the practice sessions! No pressure! You don’t even have to do physics!

We also take part in the annual campus netball tournament, which is a day of netball, open to teams from all 3 divisions, so is a great opportunity to play other teams in the campus league. This year it was on the 9th March and we WON……… the fancy dress competition (see team photograph). Sadly this did not earn us a trophy, but it was a truly hilarious day!


We’ve currently only 2 matches left to play in this year’s season and as of this week we rank 10th in our division (as mentioned – we tend to play more for fun, but we do play to win honest!) Our last game was on the 13th March against Hulme Hall and we won 22-9 (see we do win sometimes)!! One of our best ever scores thanks to birthday girl Christina, and newcomer Sophie, both getting in some amazing shots and as always a fantastic effort from the rest of the team!


Our socials are even improving – recent events have been a boys vs. girls netball game against the Physics Football club, who returned the favor by inviting the girls to play them at football – results of both are still under lock and key! We’ve also been to see MANCHESTER THUNDER v LOUGHBOROUGH LIGHTNING play in the Netball Superleague, at the Manchester Thunderdome – which was a much more dramatic event than any of us were expecting, we took notes of any daft looking warm-ups they did which we have been using since! And we’ve been balancing some great nights out with a couple of lazy girls’ nights in too – so there’s something to get everyone involved!


If you want to get involved then look out for us around and about the Schuster Bdg (Izzie Cope & Robyn Burge) or recruiting during Welcome Week of next year! Or join the Facebook group: Physics Netball, (or email PhysicsNetball@hotmail.co.uk to receive updates but our email is gathering dust a bit now… you’re better off joining the Facebook group!)

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